This is an emergency announcement for persons currently located in Atchison County, Missouri from the County Commission and the State of Missouri.

Due to a previously declared emergency at Cooper Nuclear Station, located on the Missouri River approximately six miles west of Rock Port, a Restricted Zone has been placed around an area with the highest amount of radioactive contamination; The Atchison County Commission is requiring residents within this Restricted Zone plan on temporarily leaving the area for a period of time of weeks to months. This Relocation will start immediately today, May 26, 2021 for people within the contaminated area described as:
From I-29/US Highway 136 East to US Highway 275, North to 200th Street (Red Star Road) East to N Avenue South to 220th Street West to State Highway J, South to State Highway KK West to 245th Street West to 240th Street West to US Highway 111 West to I-29 and north to I-29/US Highway 136.
This includes the City of Rock Port, MO.

The restricted zone is an area of radiation contamination in which access will be controlled and limited. Residents within this area are asked to relocate in order to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure. Relocation should be accomplished as soon as practical (within a few days).

Upon leaving the restricted zone, residents asked to relocate should make their way to the Hughes Fieldhouse, 600 College Park Drive, Maryville, MO 64468 to be monitored for contamination on their clothing and vehicles.

The following guidelines are provided to minimize your exposure to radiation and possible radioactive contamination while in the restricted zone:

• During your preparation to relocate, you should stay indoors as much as practical.
• Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. You do not need to use plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal your house.
• Do not operate window fans or other such devices, which would pull outdoor air and dust into your home.
• Avoid activities that create dust.
• Coveralls, gloves, hats and other such clothing may be worn if available to reduce the potential for skin contamination. Dust masks may also be used if readily available.
• If available, city or rural water district water or well water may be used as long as it is taken from a closed distribution system.
• Limit eating, drinking, and smoking in the restricted zone.
• Exit the restricted zone through a designated access control point where further instructions will be provided to you.
US Highway 111 and Outer Road
US Highway 275 and US Highway 136
207th Street and Rainbow Drive
200th Street and State Y Highway
L Avenue and 200th Street
US Highway 136 and N Avenue
State Highway J and 220th Street
245th Street and State Highway KK
State Highway KK and Kettle Avenue
240th Street and US Highway 111
US Highway 136 and Outer Road
• Provide for pets, sheltering them with food and water. No pets will be allowed in the reception center.
• Farmers in the affected subareas should discontinue protective actions for milk and meat animals and evacuate to a Reception Center. Farmers in unaffected subareas should continue to shelter milk and meat animals and place them on stored feed and water.


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