November 15, 2020

Due to the recent rise of Covid-19 cases in our community, we are putting in place new safety
protocols to protect firemen who are responding to calls. At this time we have, or have had,
members in our department who have been affected by this virus. We as first responders and
firemen are a vital part of this community. It is critical that we keep a certain number of active
members who are able to respond to calls.

Should you be personally affected and be placed in quarantine, please notify the chief, or one of
the assistant chiefs, so that we can keep a list of active members for calls or mutual aid.

● Members who enter the firehouse for a response
must wear a face mask
● Apparatus crews are l imited to two members
(except structural fires)
● All windows on apparatus must be kept open,
rain or shine
● On scene, one member, preferably the higher
ranking fireman, exits the rig to investigate
● Two apparatus responds to each run (except
structural fires)
● Either face masks or SCBA are required when
entering any structure
● Upon return to the firehouse, members stow
their gear, two at a time, and exit the
firehouse immediately

This is an ever changing situation, so as it evolves this will be updated and changed as

It will take all of us to get through this, but we WILL get through it.


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